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Lanap Laser Procedure

Effectively Treating Gum Disease with No Cutting or Suturing


LANAP™ is a gentle, conservative, non-invasive method of treating gum disease without cutting, suturing or removing healthy tissue. Using a precision laser, Dr. Martin is able to kill up to 99% of the disease causing bacteria in the periodontal pockets. The laser specifically targets disease causing bacteria and because they have no defense, the bacteria can not adapt and avoid elimination as with anti-biotic treatment.

With laser periodontal therapy, there is no cutting or suturing. Compared with traditional methods of treating periodontal disease, this provides a fast, virtually pain free procedure that effectively treats periodontal disease.

Additionally, the precision of the laser allows Dr. Martin to avoid removing significant tissue. This allows for a faster recovery and minimal loss of tooth and bone structure after the procedure.






A. Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth.


B. Laser light removes bacteria and diseased tissue.


C. Ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments

are used to remove plaque and calculus from the

tooth surface.


D. Laser Finishes cleaning the pocket and aids in

sealing the pocket closed to prevent bacterial

germs from entering.


E. Healing of gums to clean root surface occurs.


F. Bite is adjusted and trauma is reduced.


G. Healing with bone regeneration occurs.